516i say the wrong thing most of the time, but i’m learning to dig a little and try to untwist the words as they go from my heart to my mouth.

my daddy used to call me “difficult”  but i never meant to be. he was also the only person who could always get me to smile.

i can be brave and terrified in one breath.

i love the color grey for too many reasons to explain … but mostly because it is neither white or black.

i cry…. easily

i cuss… on “as needed basis”

i laugh…as much as possible

i CANNOT ever spell the word necessary the first time. seriously.

i spend too much time pondering life which some consider a waste.

my thoughts are mostly muddled because i think i’ve been writing a beautiful poem in my head for my whole life… but just now realized it.

i understand more fully how brokenness and wholeness run together at the same time…. because of Jesus.

here is where i want to put words to my thoughts and speak of matters of the heart.  i haven’t always seen life as beautiful…until i learned to peel back the layers and lean in to listen.  to hear the whisper of  One who speaks to us in our darkest hours and lifts our gaze to Himself.  then we get a glimpse, a taste of the beauty He is up to.  strangely, it almost never looks like i thought it might.

i would love your thoughts, comments and  to engage in conversation with you.  and please forgive my writing for the incorrect punctuation or grammar. i can’t spell for shit either.  thank you for taking the time to read my words about the spiritual journey and the longing to find God in the messes and beauty of life.  this is my ode to the hunt and my attempt at offering my truest self , https://findinglifebeautiful.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/beauty-full/

by grace,  jamie

oh yeah , i forgot to mention coffee.  coffee. coffee. coffee.  hot, black coffee is my favorite vice.  so, pour a cup and let’s drink and read and ponder life together.

“there’s  beauty all around our paths, if but our watchful eyes can trace it midst familiar things, and through their lowly guise”

Felicia D Hemans


6 Responses to About

  1. A beautiful expression of faith.
    Thank you for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete as people read what I write and even more when they respond.
    I write mainly on faith and mental illness, though I’m known to dabble in other subjects, stories, and poems on occasion. If you have any requests, please contact me.
    I appreciate what you have going here with your blog. I pray God blesses your life and writing, as you bless others.

  2. Today, I chose you (and four others) as “Friday Featured Followers.” Visit my blog to see the details and discover others with similar interests.

    Keep up the faithful blogging.

  3. terry morgan says:

    Hi Jaime! It was fun to meet you the other day. I love the whimsical, honest, free way that you write… poetic and vulnerably autobiographical all-in-one. PS I really like the new header picture also! 🙂 Keep writing!

    • jamjobryan says:

      thanks for the encouragement Terri !! so wonderful to connect with other writers and get honest feedback…i giggled the whole time i was searching for a new header because of your sweet sincerity !! i truly am grateful and would definitely LOVE that cup of coffee with you ❤ jamie

  4. terry morgan says:

    Oh, PS… I also love strong, black coffee! 🙂 Maybe we’ll have a chance to get a cup together sometime!

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