082“perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take- to be seen as we really are”        -Cinderella

slowly but surely, i’m beginning to grasp the sacredness of being seen.

for, being seen as we really are holds the power to unravel so many lies we believe about ourselves… the lies that somehow have become the truest thing. the lie that we are broken beyond repair and too ugly to mend…or just not worth it.

it can happen bit by bit or all at once. and as my dear friend Dana says “one well placed lie is all the enemy needs to take us out”.

this is where we need each other.  this is where the sacred reminding happens.  this is where the being fully seen holds the precision to cut away our false selves. and allow us to be brave enough to step out of those false selves we put on everyday like clothing, without even realizing it… and dance.039

and so we gathered.

expectant but a bit scarred, chipped away and stretched thin too.  like Cinderella in rags and invited to the dance.

we came.  carrying our pieces.  carrying our hopes.  carrying the weight of being us.   and tip-toeing into the dance.  fragile and resistant-but longing- to dance.  to be swept up…and to be seen as we truly are.

with our guards down and the mess spilled out.  118

yet standing there in our brokenness , still believing there is beauty to offer.  from our deepest places.  those glorious places where God has deposited Himself in us.  way down inside.  and knowing that this is all we can ever bring- when every other thing about us is stripped away.

and it is enough.

this is exactly where God met us and where we met each other that perfect week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

with laughter and tears and the “you too’s ?!”.   with feasts of lavish meals and conversations over hot coffee.  with warm days and long beach walks.  with breathtaking sunsets that cast pink and orange fingers across the sky…and with piercing sunrises that promised hope for days ahead.

013then He gave us something more.  something that made my heart leap.  a full moon rising over the ocean.  as if the glow of sunset wasn’t quite  enough to speak His extravagant artistry.

He made the ocean glow with a magical translucence i had never seen.  and all i could do was be still.

be still and let my soul-eyes take it in and hold it.   i tried to capture it all with my lens but after every snap i had to stop and just gaze…gape really is a better word because i’m fairly sure my mouth was hanging open. 038

i was struck to my core-so surrounded on all sides by a rare, solemn and encasing beauty.  it was as if creation was dancing in delight at being fully seen…and it’s delight could not be contained.  i couldn’t help but wonder if that is exactly how we our meant to feel under the fullness of the Father’s gaze, being so wonderfully and completely seen.

Robin, Dana, Rebecca, Kris, Hope, Janie & Joy .  thank you for joining me in the dance and taking the risk of being seen.

xxoo jamie


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4 Responses to seen

  1. evermorecolor says:

    Don’t you thinkJesus’ heart longs to be fully seen and adored too? I believe that the way YOUR heart is always scanning the horizon to notice his artistry and personality simply thrills him. Your heart is UNIQUELY brave like this. I have noticed, Beautiful Friend.
    Thank you for always reminding me to live REAL. No matter how messy it may look.

    • jamjobryan says:

      Yes yes yes Rebecca …so good and so redemptive to be messy, real and SEEN and delighted in by each other and Jesus ❤ …frees us to be beautifully US !!

  2. zowehgirl03 says:

    WOW i love this. my favorite line (which i happen to believe is so very very true): i couldn’t help but wonder if that is exactly how we our meant to feel under the fullness of the Father’s gaze, being so wonderfully and completely seen.

    i see you and i adore you, my friend. thank you for making the sacrifices you did to be there. what a gift! YOU brought SO MUCH beauty!!
    love love love you.

    • jamjobryan says:

      Robin dear…thanks for always seeing ME ..underneath and hidden sometime but that didn’t dissuade you and it has made all the difference in my story..for reals !! I ❤ you

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