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this hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil.  Where Jesus entered as a forerunner for us,  having become a high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.                       Hebrews 6:19,20

i don’t know about you, but i don’t feel very sure and steadfast some days.                honestly, God feels far off and indifferent sometimes.  and it’s confusing how quickly my humanity falls into a puddle on the floor around my feet.

because i know He is there.  i know He moved heaven and earth to come down and be among us.  with us- His beloved.  you and me.

it says right there in scripture that Jesus not only entered within the veil but He did away with it.  He tore it right in half -from top to bottom.  He took away what kept God at a distance…once and for ALL.

all, to allow us access to Himself.

how can it be true that the God of the universe is extending an invitation to us- who are prone to fear and wandering- to come near ?  to enter the Holy of Holies and meet Him there.  on that very pure and sacred ground.

it’s outrageous to ponder.  but He says “come”.   “lay everything else down and come”.    “bend the knee and come”.  “don’t wait until you feel worthy-come regardless”               “stop striving-attempting to add to your goodness-and just come”.

067basically, thinking we have to get ourselves “together” somehow to please God is the most ridiculous lie we believe as Christians.  and it’s that very posture of self-importance that makes us keep God at a distance…not the other way around.  in our minds it may even sound like humility to believe we must perform for God’s acceptance and love-but in  truth it’s arrogance.

it’s wrongly believing we must behave and be good enough to earn grace.  somehow we’ve missed it.  we don’t mean to miss it.  but we get stuck in seeing ourselves through our own lens.  a lens turned inward.                                          and we miss that God sees us through the lens of Jesus.

which is a lens of redemptive grace. it’s never about performing or measuring up.  and we can never add to His lavish provision of grace.  it’s complete.  irrevocable.  perfect.             there is no plan B-just in case things don’t work out.

the divider, the veil between us and God is fully done away with through Jesus death and resurrection. #nuffsaid.  but the dilemma this leaves our souls with is that we must come to terms with the idea that our dignity and depravity are both embraced by God and covered by His grace. which i admit is a bit mind-blowing.

i would rather be in a party dress in the presence of Jesus , not covered in my mess.  but the point is He sees through.  He sees both my broken parts and my beauty the same…because of grace.

therefore we can fully come to Him as desperately flawed and desperately worthy-all in the same breath.  and live integrated, restful lives…letting the truth of His glorious grace sink into the core of who we are.  every jagged part of us.   everyday.

050our very security as believers in Christ is tied to our ability to fully rest-knowing we can look bad, make mistakes, feel unworthy-and still be loved.  completely.  with a perfect Love.   a Love that has no fear.  a Love that doesn’t let go and doesn’t give up.  ever.  and it’s a Love that won out over death and shame.  a Love that gave everything to redeem us and give us Life to the fullest.

  to make a Way where there was none-all for the sake of nearness to God who wasn’t satisfied to love us from a distance.

so i stand in awe…trying to take in His nearness and rest in knowing that He sees through my depravity and into my dignity-because of Jesus.  xxoo by His abundant and wild grace,  jamie

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2 Responses to nearness

  1. connie randazzo says:

    I am in the habit of going to Him when I am rested and in a lovely mood
    I want to want to go to Him when I am most down and messy seeking comfort not amswers- not what I am in the habit of doing
    Sweet encouragement

    • jamjobryan says:

      His grace says come as you are…hard words to let sink in my dear friend Connie. May you more freely run to Him as you experience His lavish provision and see yourself as fully covered…no matter what state you’re in. i’m with you in the journey xxoo jamie

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