127 The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.  He makes me lie down in green pastures.  He leads me beside quiet waters;  He restores my soul.  He guides me on paths of righteousness for His names sake.     Psalm 23:1-3


i get so sidetracked.                                                                                                                            so disrupted with the urgent and demanding parts of life.                                                             and it doesn’t take long for me to forget that my soul needs space and to remember that stopping is sometimes the most settled and necessary place to be.

so, Jesus bids come…take rest by the quiet waters and let your soul be restored.  find respite from the distractions and demands of daily life.  be still.  wherever you are,  be still.

because He knows the human tendency to run hard and get pulled away from a posture of rest.  and away from a posture of dependence on Him.

we stubbornly and wrongly settle for a life of exhaustion and strife…in lieu of His invitation to yield and drink in His abundant waters.  He knows full well that our souls can be truly satisfied with nothing less.  but He doesn’t demand we drink…He just leads us to the waters edge.

then, in love, He lets us go. because His love risks letting us become anxious and frantic in hopes of our coming to Him. all the while He whispers with a Shepherd’s voice that says come.  even when we doubt and stray…He reaches out His staff to pull us in close.  because He isn’t a God who stays at a distance or gives up on our waywardness.  He waits but is never far off.

when He calls to us, it’s like the subtle scent of a far off meadow that makes us vaguely recall the invitation of the Shepherd.  to slow down.  to be still.                                                    and just be with Jesus.

then we take on the unmistakeable mark of His followers.   the radiance.  the radical faith.  the unearthly peace that comes from a yielded life.

a sold out life.

a life given to Christ, no matter what.   and He promises to never let go of us.  so we have nothing to fear.

His love restores us and His mercy renews us.  and it’s new each and everyday.                      we get to wake to His grace.  like the morning sunshine on our face after a long, cold night.   and the warmth sinks into our skin like the fresh dew on thirsty leaves.

so, will i choose to sit by the quiet waters and drink deeply of His presence ??                        will i let everything else melt away at His beckoning ??                                                               and will i follow His voice into valleys where i can’t see the way??

i say a trembling yes.  for i know that being with Him changes me.    sustains me.    satisfies me in my most dried up parts.  and i trust that the good Shepherd takes His sheep to green, holy pastures and beside still and safe waters.

He leads us and softly says ” follow Me…stay tuned to my voice.  trust Me.  for you are Mine, and I am yours.  don’t be anxious because I’ve got your back and do not fear because I am holding you in My right hand.


so come…sit awhile with Me.

for all of us who long to keep discovering the sold out life.                                                                                                walking in His grace every step of  the way.   jamie

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