it was a sunny, August morning when my daughter and i set out on our walk.  we were deep in conversation and miles from home when the storm hit.  somehow, we didn’t see it coming.

summer storms are like that.  they come on with suddenness and the rain falls heavy from the dark, laden clouds.  so, on we walked, getting wetter by the minute.  we had no other choice but to keep moving…there’s no out running a torrent.  it didn’t take long until we were drenched.

soaked to the bone.   undone.

drenched is really just a poetic way of saying…sopping wet.  not a Hollywood scene from “The Notebook” kind of wet.  because getting caught in the rain is never really pretty…if you know what i mean ?!  we were a mess.  wet hair stuck to our faces, clothes clinging and heavy with wetness, shoes squishing and sodden.  we looked like two drown rats.

there was nothing pretty about it.

by this time, we had quit fighting our fate and given into reality.                                          then we started to laugh.   and sing.   and run.                                                                          through gutters and puddles that were ankle deep with fallen rain.  laying our dignity and self awareness aside…we played.

what a picture.                                                                                                                                what a reminder of the spiritual journey.  and how often we set out on that journey with expectations in mind.                                                                                                                           we tidy ourselves up and step out the door…skipping along and hoping God will bless us.   our part is to be obedient, nice and well behaved, and God’s part is to reward.                   the entitlement is ever so subtle.                                                                                                 and ever so demanding.

because after all, we deserve a good life…right?!  we’ve kept up our end of the bargain.      then……God sends the rain.

and all of our arranging and self worthiness get washed away in one fell swoop.  we are left standing, soaked, stripped and confused.  questioning God’s heart for us.                            but the truth is, His heart for us always has freedom in mind.  His greatest good will always be for the human soul to be unfettered, even if it takes a flood.  He longs to unbind the chains of our flawed thinking and our ways of doing life with a formula for God in mind.

His holy thwarting is meant to be our truest life line when the waters rage.  saving us from a small, predictable vision of God.  and saving us from all of our” wrong headedness ” and belief that self-effort is what God desires from us.  because nothing could be less true.             He always has rest and release in mind…not more “doing”or religion.

He is about washing away the old and doing something new in our lives. He sends the wind and rain with healing in mind and says come.                                                                                come soaking wet.  wet to the bone.  dripping and undone.                                                 and dance in the puddles.  feel My delight and lay down your demand to be blessed.      lay down the prettied up, tidy version of yourself and come out into the drenching rain.  be caught up by My grace and know that I love you JUST as you are.

                       So let us know, let us press on to know the Lord.                                                 His going forth is as certain as the dawn                                                                                      And He will come to us like the rain                                                                                            Like the Spring rain watering the earth.                Hosea 6:2,3

photo credit: Sarah Carson 13:13 Photography


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3 Responses to drenched

  1. fromAshes says:

    holy…. best ive ever read.

  2. lkennedy23 says:

    You hit the nail on the head!!! Makes me want to know that freedom from deep inside and out!

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