maddie-005                        She always had the song in her heart,  she just needed to discover the right notes to sing.


with Spring comes the promise of new life.  green and fresh.  unspoiled.  hopeful.               the sun shines through a filter of newly sprouted leaves…casting a warm glow on the world around and life begins to bust out.

bust out from hibernation and Winters’ silence.

the rhythm is like a symphony filled with crescendo.  as beauty unfolds.  as creation displays her wonder.

and we are reminded that nothing beautiful is stagnant.  change and growth are a necessary part of becoming.

we must bust out.

sameness sounds alluring and safe.  but it is death.  because God deposited the same rhythm into all His creation.  and so the seasons are meant for our good.

times of rest.

times of pruning.

times for blooming and release.

holding on tightly cannot stop the coming of each season.  we must let go.                                 i must let go.  release you and let you fly my sweet daughter…like a bird on the wind.  and together we will watch where the breezes might take you.

and you will learn to sing your song in the becoming and busting out.

as the seasons come and go,  He will write the music and each note will be beautiful.

so take flight across the vast sky.  breech new horizons with braveness and frailty of heart.  knowing that fear and courage exist in the same breath most of the time.  and remembering the world needs your song …the one only you can offer by being your truest self.

and when you grow weary and need safety don’t worry….the nest will always be here for you to take shelter.  and my heart will always be on your wing and listening for your song.


for Maddie…you will carry my song in your song wherever you go.  so soar across the horizon and trust His music.  i love you a million swedish fish.

photo credit:  Sarah Carson 13:13 Photography

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