wind.  storms.  affliction.

disruptions to our quiet, settled lives.  times when we feel blown around and beaten. and bent.

like broken branches… our old, dead and unused parts get pruned off by the strength of the wind.  and at first we feel naked.  exposed.

with “self ” debris laying about us.   we may even try to re-affix those old and now useless parts of ourselves… until we realize the ridiculousness of it all.

so there we are… standing, soaking wet, stripped down.  and  somehow during the storm we have yielded to this journey of unraveling.   although unfamiliar , we begin to feel strangely free.

weightless.  changed.  unfettered.

us humans spend a lot of time wrestling.  fighting and bargaining with God.  pleading that He not let those storms come.  pleading He keep us safe.  content in our self-made shelters. not altogether different than those fretful little pigs, huddled in their house of twigs and straw.  keeping their fingers crossed that it would hold up against the force of the wolf’s breath.  living in fear.  fists clenched and ready to defend.  ready to fight for our safety. and somehow we just can’t or won’t see a better way of living.  yep, we are stubborn sometimes.  i am stubborn.

until God disrupts and blows down my feeble defenses. and invites me out into the rain.  the drenching, healing rain that He means for my cleansing and freeing.  it washes away my small way of living.  so that now, standing in this new place of being brought to bare …i finally see.

and laugh .  and dance.  

because He has freed me from myself.  and my soul is beginning to understand how desolation begets beauty and that brokenness is the path to wholeness.  and suddenly, i no longer fear the storms.

DSC_0675                                she saw the storm clouds on the horizon and felt the change coming.  so she turned her face into the wind …and leaned in.  to see beyond what can be seen and spread her arms out,  not fully knowing where the gale might take her.

 for Michelle…may you dance in the wind.

Father, thank you that you are at work revealing a deeper beauty than we can sometimes understand …or see.  help me to trust you even when the storms blow hard at my door or the doors of those i love.  keep reminding us that Your voice is in the wind .

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