beauty full


she peels back layers, to see.
to find beautiful.
to get lost,  to be found.
she is curious,
always looking beneath.
a seeker.
and not afraid to disrupt the order of things.”


today the rain hangs on the bare branches, bushes and eaves.
the drops splash against the window panes and glisten on the pavement.
the sky is flat and grey and beauty seems to have disappeared or been covered up somehow with a veil of mist.

it’s a strange and curious thing…this searching and looking for beauty.
in a world beauty-full, it still seems elusive even though ever-present.
it seems seldom flawless.

it’s found in the broken-down, abandoned stuff of life as much as it is in the shiny, perfect and rare moments of loveliness.  it can take my breath away or just stir my soul in the deepest places…bringing laughter or sometimes tears.  and in those deep places i feel myself brought to life.
hope is awakened and my soul wants more. 

to keep finding more beauty and longing to see more of God there.

because somehow, i know, my hunger can’t be satisfied with anything earthly.  my ache goes much deeper and is far more haunting and mysterious.  so i cannot simply sit dutifully by…hoping the beauty parades itself down my quiet, comfortable street.  the beauty itself bids me to run wildly and wholeheartedly after it.  with abandon and less self awareness.  to give myself fully to it’s pursuit.  because it is really the reflection of God in the beauty i am truly grasping for.  in all it’s goodness and holiness.

this beauty…it is a whisper of Eden showing up in this cold, stale place.”

-Jan Meyers The Allure of Hope

perhaps that’s why beauty seems to penetrate our souls so deeply. because it carries this weightiness that protests all the coldness and harshness life can sometimes deliver…like a taste of heaven for our thirsty souls.

like the open bloom of a rose against the pale backdrop of rainy skies…beauty shows up to protest the ugly, the pain and the hard of this world.  it shows up and reminds us to keep hoping. to keep looking for God and believe He is good.  and remember that the beauty He has created in this world and in us cannot be destroyed.  even if it is hated, missed, distorted and threatened…the beauty always remains.

so, today i remind myself once again to
run wildly,  without resignation or fear .

to lay down appearances and reputation.

to remember we reflect Him and that He speaks to us in the beauty all around.
and i don’t want to miss it !!


Father, give me eyes to keep seeing You in the beauty.  keep making me brave and relentless in my looking when it doesn’t come easily or quickly …knowing in my soul that You are worth the pursuit.

photo credit: Robin Thompson (fan club pres)

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