013                         ” she was courageous . not because it came easy but because she chose to walk the tightrope from broken to brave.  everyday “

thresh-old [thresh’ – old’]  2. the beginning point

becoming whole-hearted takes courage because it’s a big deal.

it takes a brave and desperate soul to invite those parts of ourselves we hate in from the cold, to enfold them in and give notice…to tend their wounds.  because most of us know that the process of healing and wholeness is messy to say the least. and quite honestly, it sometimes feels easier to ignore our imperfect pieces and our shame.

we get that it’s pretty risky to open the lid of what we keep hidden and stuffed down.

so why bother ?!  what’s the big deal ?!                                                                                             because our wholeness matters to God.  simple but profound.                                                   it’s hard, courageous work to unpack all the “parts”of our story. but that is the only way God can fully enter our brokenness. that is where the desperation comes in.

we have to get DESPERATE for more.

desperation is the only counteraction to fear.  we might always wrestle with the tension between comfort and fear but sooner or later our souls cry out for wholeness at any cost. our brokenness gives way to courage as we get on that tightrope one more time… and decide to move toward God.

it’s always a temptation to hold God at a distance.  and it’s always a choice to move toward Him when we feel the angst of our exposure and brokenness.

do we doubt God can go to those depths?

or think He will run from our dirty mess?  what then ?

stepping over, risking,  is the only way we’ll find out. crossing the threshold and believing He will meet us there as we fumble along is truly our best hope.  our only hope.

otherwise we are left in pieces.  parts.  scattered here and there with confusion and no identity.

recovering and reconstructing our truest selves is nothing short of Holy ground.  it’s where we’ve met Jesus in our most broken places.  where we bear His unmistakable touch on our lives.  where we display His glory most brilliantly. and where we are reminded that the risk was worth it.  so…

don’t stop gathering your pieces.

don’t stop fighting the urge to run for higher ground…to flee the “hard”.

don’t stop asking God for more and deeper healing.

don’t stop grasping to find your way across the threshold.

because it’s big deal !!  and remember that even the smallest, frailest movement of the soul can take you miles down the road to braveness.

                Listen, God ! Please pay attention!  Can You make sense of these ramblings, my groans, my cries ?  God , I need your help.  Every morning you’ll hear me at it again.  Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your alter and watch for fire to descend.             Psalm 5: 1-3

Jesus we need your piercing gaze to expose us and to heal us. You are not always safe, but You are good .  Give me a whole heart no matter the cost or risk it requires and meet me each morning as i come with my pieces in hand.

xxoo jamie


photo credit:  Emma Bush

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