013                 this is an ode to January.

to be honest you’ve left me cold and wanting most of the time January.
you’re a typical first born…demanding attention and wielding your authority.
you’re like a familiar friend that speaks of new starts and beginnings but also reminds me of my shortfalls and failures.

i’ve always had mixed emotions about you , to be sure.
i never have been one to buy into resolves or in forced reform.  and i really hate feeling boxed into the compulsion of improving myself with each time around the sun.

i’m not much of a “do-er”, but instead more of a “be-er”.  (if that’s a word?)  so for that reason alone,  i respect your power to bring a halt to the rush of normal life and cause us to get snowed-in occasionally.  giving us time and space to sit and ponder a bit.  read a good book,  look out the window,  just breathe.  maybe even dream a bit as we lean into the winter season and the start of another year.

i know that seasons were God’s idea in the first place, so it’s not entirely your fault January…somebody had to be the first month.  and i guess He knew we’d need to slow down.

and be stopped in our tracks from time to time.

and so it is,  the world for now is covered in white.  the dust and ruts of seasons past are covered with a clean , new layer.  our footsteps crunch in the winter snow and remind us of fresh starts and do-overs….and that we serve a God who offers newness in every way.

He never accuses of failures.  He never demands self-improvement.  His grace never runs out.  and He is never stagnant.  even when all is frozen.  life and growth are germinating beneath the winter landscape…hidden in the hard, cold ground and the stark , barren branch.  He is forming something new.   so we wait.  we wait our turn.

we make peace with this winter season and learn to trust in the unseen.

the hoped for.

for green, new life to burst forth.  and for the grey skies and slush of January to melt away.  and give way to Spring… fearlessly waiting it’s turn.

and Spring always comes.  just when the heart can’t bear another flat, cold day….it comes.

Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past.  Behold, I will do something new.  Now it will spring forth.  Will you not be aware of it ? I will make a roadway in the wilderness.  Rivers in the dessert.                 Isaiah 43:18,19

Father, give me eyes to see you in a world that seems altogether hidden and covered up in the January snow .  and let me bravely and fearlessly hope that you are creating and birthing newness in my soul.  thank you for fresh starts and reminders that we are not in control…and to be grateful for the hush of winter.
xxoo jamie


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