letting go


Love…it is an ever fixed mark …”     Shakespeare

God’s love never changes.

He endures our tantrums, fist shaking, broken thinking, resignation, silent treatment, bartering, fear…

all the while He loves, waits and woos us to come…come surrender, bend the knee, open our hand, cut loose less wild lovers…things we thought brought the truest life.  NOW we are ready to receive.

Why is receiving so hard ?

Perhaps because the cost is….letting go ?

we must live in mystery and uncertainty if we let go.

give up control.       give up managing life.          give up managing God.

sounds ridiculous when we say it out loud, but that’s what we are doing.  our arrogance is subtle when we keep God in a box or at a safe arms length.  after all, if we let Him take over, He could do some damage…turn everything on it’s head.  mess with our order, safety and comfort.   what then ??

if my greatest life is found in looking to God for agreement and that life go well for me… I am wholly missing the path to the TRUEST life. my only hope is to risk taking a different path.  risk letting life get messy, and clouded…moving me to a  state of pondering new truths.  looking with different eyes at what once was my truest belief.

no striving,   no resisting

just mystery.

letting God in.

staying alive in places that had been guarded, barred up and non-negotiable.  willing to examine, offer, repent and becoming permeable to His Spirit.

being emptied.

being filled instead with hope, braveness, wonder and trust.  ready to jump in and swim in the deep.  the deep waters of ALL the Father has waiting for me.

Lord, help us lay aside our timid, frail selves.  Lift our gaze from the small temporal blessings we seek…to SEE more of You .  Loosen our grip as we remember that You are the one holding us and You won’t let go. 

photo credit: Linda Woods

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